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Die besten Kryptowährungen 2021 - Welche hätte dich zum Millionär gemacht?

Die besten Kryptowährungen 2021 - Welche hätte dich zum Millionär gemacht?

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In 20 days it will be time to say goodbye to the current year. At the same time, we are not just welcoming a new year, but a completely new decade: the 20s. Reason enough to review the year and take a look at the best crypto currencies of 2019. We’ll do this for the Champions League, i.e. the top 10 coins, as well as for the currently 20 largest cryptocurrencies. We also reveal the secret of which Top 20 Coin would have made you a millionaire! … at least according to the statistics and unfortunately they are not always correct in the crypto space.

The best cryptocurrencies of 2021: BTC and BNB

Before we look at the current situation at the end of the year, let’s be humble again and look at the beginning of the year. While not only the temperatures were icy, there was also a harsh crypto winter for Bitcoin and Co.


In the course of the year there was fluctuation and change in the ranking of the largest crypto currencies. 10th place in particular is always the subject of heated battles. In the past few days in particular, there have been repeated flippenings: Tezos (XTZ) puts on a mercilessly clean performance and even briefly displaced Stellar and Cardano from 10th place the day before yesterday now in 4th place and shows its enormous relevance for the entire ecosystem.

XRP and Stellar are hit particularly hard – up to 40 percent losses

As we can see, the ranking of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization has changed over the course of the year:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Bitcoin SV and Stellar Lumens now top the top 10 list.

The big winners of 2019 have been announced. They are called Bitcoin and Binance Coin. While the largest and best-known crypto currency BTC was able to almost double its price, the Binance Coin BNB even managed to gain 150 percent. No wonder when you look at the abundance of updates, enhancements and innovations that Binance brings to the fore over and over again. This means that the Bitcoin Exchange’s token can now secure its place at the top for the second year in a row and has performed better than BTC every year.

On the other hand, it hits two „long-established veterans“ of the crypto market very hard: XRP and Stellar. XRP can defend third place, but has to lose 38 percent over the year. Stellar, on the other hand, loses 40 percent (despite massive coin burning) and is now just in tenth place.

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Cryptocurrencies from 11 to 20 – who will win?

If we broaden our horizons and look at the best cryptocurrencies in positions 11 to 20, we see what the fascination of crypto brings with it for many: the big numbers.

Because there are some altcoins here that were able to put on an incredible performance over the year. If we just look at positions 11 to 20, we see both old friends and ‚the new generation‘.

In 11th place, as just mentioned, is Tezos. This was able to achieve a strong performance of 211 percent over the year. Before we take another look at the two big winners, let’s take another look at the losers:

On the one hand, Cardano and TRON recorded slight losses over the year. At Cardano, this is still limited at -13 percent. Here the hopes and expectations are particularly on the coming year. Charles Hoskinson was already hyperbullish and wants to unleash the beast in Cardano. TRON also doesn’t look good at -27 percent. (By the way: what happened to the dinner between Justin Sun and Warren Buffet?). On the other hand, it looks less ‚funny‘ for IOTA. While IOTA is convincing even with large projects (keyword: Alvarium), the coin and the technology are still lacking in an industrial-ready implementation. The performance over the year is anything but positive at -46 percent.

The big winners of the top 20 are Chainlink and Cosmos. Chainlink has had an incredibly strong development behind it and brought the investors who were already there at the beginning of the year juicy price gains of 7x. Even if this performance is already enormously good, Cosmos with its focus on the interoperability of blockchains probably puts everything in the shade.

With an exorbitant price increase of 314.462 percent, Coin360 shows an incredible performance, which, however, is based on a wrong data set. Anyone who does their homework here will have noticed that the annual performance is even negative at -42%. However, the first price after the ICO can also be disputed. The fact is that those who already invested in the ICO in March 2017 can look forward to a 4764.2% price increase today, almost 50x and thus better than nothing. The big dream of the Cosmos millionaire does not materialize.

Those were the best and worst cryptocurrencies of 2019. How do you rate 2019 for yourself? Are you satisfied with the price performance of your portfolio?

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