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Bitcoin ATMs: Spain leads the way with 224 - the most in any European country

Bitcoin ATMs: Spain leads the way with 224 - the most in any European country

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ATMs have become an integral part of our society. It is an easy and fast way to get cash. However, a new kind of ATMs has emerged: Bitcoin ATMs. Although Bitcoin is not allowed as legal means of payment in most countries of the world, 38,453 Bitcoin ATMs are currently installed worldwide. In contrast to cash, the digital currency seems more at home in the world of computers, apps and cryptographically encrypted codes. However, has found that Bitcoin ATMs are growing in popularity.

The world’s first Bitcoin ATM was put into operation in a café in Vancouver, Canada, on October 29, 2013. After the first ATM, it took five years, until the first Bitcoin ATM in Germany was installed. Today, 86.8% of all Bitcoin ATMs are located in the US. Europe only hosts 3.8% - 1,486 ATMs in total.

The UK beats out Germany on Bitcoin ATM numbers!

When looking at the number of Bitcoin ATMs in Europe, there are huge differences between the countries. Only six European countries currently have more than 100 Bitcoin ATMs, while some countries like Malta only host one. Here are the top 10 countries in Europe with Bitcoin ATMs:

CountryNumber of Bitcoin ATMsGlobal share
Czech Republic760.2%

One Crypto ATM operator runs more than 15% of all ATMs in Europe

161 crypto ATM operators run more than 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs in Europe, with only ten operators owning almost 60% of all ATMs in Europe. The other 151 operators run 591 crypto ATMs - 40.3% of the market. Here are the top ten crypto ATM operator in Europe:

OperatorNumber of ATMsEuropean Share
Shitcoins Club17211.7%
Bitcoin Romania865.9%
Värdex Suisse785.3%
Bity SA382.6%

Using Bitcoin in our everyday life

The widespread adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment remains a challenge, with limited options for its usage in everyday transactions. Despite the growth of Bitcoin ATMs throughout Europe, the convenience of finding store that accept cryptocurrencies is still not optimal, making it difficult for individuals to use Bitcoin or any other crypto for day-to-day purchases. For instance, in Chemnitz, accessing a café that accepts Bitcoin requires a substantial journey from the city’s western Bitcoin ATM, which takes about half an hour via public transport.

The introduction of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide provides new possibilities for crypto-user. It also becomes more visible for more people. Therefore, the increased adoption of Bitcoin ATMs can only benefit crypto adoption and make digital finance accessible to more people.
Jonathan Merry, CEO of

However, positive developments are starting to emerge and the first countries in the world already accept Bitcoin as a legal means of payment. It remains uncertain how quickly this trend will continue. But maybe one day it becomes normal to go to an ATM and transfer your Bitcoin instead of taking cash.

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