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Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter fan base grew by more than 50 % in the last year

Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter fan base grew by more than 50 % in the last year

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What a year it’s been for crypto! Ethereum’s long-awaited Merge finally happened in September, switching to the more environmentally-friendly proof-of-stake mechanism. FTX collapsed, leading to a tumultuous aftermath. Prices of many cryptocurrencies are still not really recovering from the latest crypto winter.

But interest in the crypto world remains high, and new crypto influencers continue to enter the scene constantly. Here at we wanted to have a look at some of the biggest names in the crypto world and see how their social media following has changed over the last year and what the future may hold for them.

Crypto InfluencerFollowers One Year Ago (January 2022)Current Followers (January 2023)Increase / Decrease
Vitalik Buterin3,043,8634,760,478+ 56.4%
Michael Saylor2,073,0132,930,844+ 41.4%
Ben Armstrong755,2871,041,913+ 38%
Brian Jung33,32539,858+19.6%
Anthony Pompliano1,404,7781,644,803+17%
Erik Voorhees573,032657,408+14,7%
Ivan on Tech352,970398,866+13%
Tim Draper222,470248,124+11.5%
Roger Ver739,640745,903+0.8%
Charlie Lee1,052,9031,061,682+0.8%

*data from

2022 might have been firmly in the hands of the bear market, but many crypto influencers on Twitter gained a significant following during this year. First and foremost – Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, who regularly gained between 100,000 and 200,000 followers per month and increased his overall following by 56%. The Merge has clearly reinforced interest in Ethereum.

“Bitcoin-Boy” Ben Armstrong, who in the past was mostly known for his often controversial views and high-risk attitude, has moved with his BitLab Academy into the educational side of things and in the process saw a 38 % increase in his following. Nearly 900,000 additional users started following Michael Saylor on Twitter in 2022. The co-founder of MicroStrategy continued to purchase Bitcoin throughout the price plunge – the company now owns 130,000 BTC, one of the largest holders in the world.

Crypto InfluencerCurrent Followers (January 2023)Predicted Followers (January 2024)Predicted Increase / Decrease
Michael Saylor2,930,8443,366,576+14.9%
Ivan on Tech398,866431,962+8.3%
Tim Draper248,124265,332+7%
Ben Armstrong1,041,9131,110,973+6.6%
Brian Jung39,85841,454+4%
Vitalik Buterin4,760,4784,873,074+2.4%
Erik Voorhees657,408671,172+2.1%
Anthony Pompliano1,644,8031,644,203- 0.04%
Charlie Lee1,061,6821,043,622- 1.7%
Roger Ver745,903732,283- 1.8%

*data from

Every bear market is eventually followed by a bull market. It will be interesting to see what kind of crypto developments the new year will bring, what new voices will emerge and what sort of changes we can expect.
Jonathan Merry, CEO of

2022 did not, however, end on a good note for everyone: “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver, who is currently being sued for $20m by Genesis, has continuously been losing around 1,000 to 2,000 followers a month since August 2022, and it looks like he might continue to do so throughout the next year. A similar fate has befallen Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, who has been losing up to 3,500 followers a month since late last summer.

A brighter future might be on the cards for the likes of Ivan on Tech and Tim Draper, who are projected to have an increase of followers of 8,3 and 7 % respectively. But who knows what might be next – let’s take it one Tweet at a time…

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