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Gaming Leader in the Crypto Sphere With 2X as Many Unique Wallets Than DeFi

Gaming Leader in the Crypto Sphere With 2X as Many Unique Wallets Than DeFi

  • Blockchain gaming has more than double the number of unique active wallets compared to DeFi.
  • Players are drawn to these games for their innovative use of technology and their unique and immersive experiences.

Blockchain games have become a leader in the sphere of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Over the last two years, they have seen a meteoric rise in popularity due to their ability to offer players incentives and rewards for completing certain tasks. According to, blockchain games have over two times the unique active wallets of DeFi.

CryptoMonday, CEO Jonathan Merry commented on the data:

This is a testament to the power of blockchain gaming, as it has managed to capture the attention of players and offer them an experience that traditional video games can not. By offering rewards based on in-game performance, and allowing users to monetize their achievements outside of the game, blockchain games have provided gamers with a way to make money playing games.
CryptoMonday CEO, Jonathan Merry

DeFi Has A Lost Reputation To Restore

DeFi, on the other hand, has faced a lot of criticism from regulators and traditional finance companies due to their lack of transparency. These issues have led to some users losing money due to bad investments or security lapses.

The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector was hit hard in the wake of Terra's depeg and the resulting cryptocurrency market decline. At its peak, DeFi was commanding the lion’s share of the crypto space, and investors were pouring money into projects that promised to revolutionize traditional finance. However, with the onset of bearish markets and numerous scams, DeFi has taken a backseat to blockchain gaming.

While DeFi continues to make strides in improving its platform and offering better security measures, blockchain games are already ahead of the curve.

Blockchain Games - A New Era in the Gaming Industry

Blockchain games have become a major force in the gaming industry, providing users with unprecedented transparency and control over their funds. Players are able to securely store their assets within the game itself, allowing them to buy, sell and trade their virtual items without having to worry about third-party interference or manipulation. Furthermore, by using smart contracts technology, developers can create rules that prevent players from taking advantage of each other, ensuring a fair and secure gaming experience for all.

Additionally, by introducing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into their games, developers can create assets that can be owned and traded outside of the game itself. Opponents of blockchain games have argued that these features could permanently damage the gaming industry making it difficult for developers to monetize their games. However, this hasn't been the case as blockchain games have proven to be profitable for many developers who are embracing the new technology.

Proponents also point out that NFTs allow gamers to own objects beyond individual games, even if the games cease to exist. These assets can be moved and utilized in other games, creating a vibrant and growing economy that is more beneficial to the industry as a whole.

With its ability to provide users with an enjoyable and secure gaming experience, as well as allow them to monetize their achievements, blockchain games are set to revolutionize how video games are played. With the continued success of projects such as Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, and The Sandbox, it is clear that blockchain games have a bright future ahead.

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