Those who rely on a high level of security and ease of use with Bitcoin (BTC) cannot ignore the German start-up Nuri (formerly Bitwala). The company has managed to create a unique combination of a traditional German bank account with an attached Bitcoin wallet and BTC exchange. As a result, Nuri has been offering an all-in-one solution for a long time and brings Bitcoin a bit closer to the mainstream.

If you have already decided in favor of Nuri but are not quite confident in registering, these instructions should help you. In our Nuri guide 2019 you will be guided step-by-step through the registration on Nuri up to the creation of your personal Bitcoin wallet. If you don’t know Nuri (formerly Bitwala) or have not been able to make up your mind , our Bitwala Test 2021 will certainly help you out .

Let’s not waste any time at this point and start registering on Nuri right away. First you have to click on this link to get to the main page.

Bitwala main page

Nuri Instructions 2021 – Step-by-step registration for the crypto bank account

In our instructions we use the Nuri app as a basis. The difference to the PC version or the mobile version on the browser is marginal and can therefore be used for all versions. You can find the Nuri app in the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Create a Bitwala user accountAs soon as you have started the Nuri app for the first time, the following illustration appears. Here you will once again be briefly shown all the advantages of Nuri. Then click on „Create user account“.

If you want to log in via the browser, then you have to click on the „Open a free account“ button on the main page. If you don’t see the button directly, you have to click on the menu at the top right on the mobile version beforehand. You should then see the login button.




Enter personal information and proof of identity

Bitwala first name

As soon as you have completed this step, your personal information will be requested. Here you have to enter your personal data step-by-step. You will be asked in the following order: first name, last name, email address and which country you come from.

Passport IDThen it goes on with the proof of identity. Here you have to enter the country that issued your passport or ID. In the next step you select the document with which you want to identify yourself – passport or ID card. Then click on „Next“.

You will then be asked if you are liable for tax in the USA. You can usually answer that with „no“. However, if you are taxable in the US, then you have to answer „yes“. In this case you cannot use Nuri’s service.


E-mail confirmationThen you set a password for your user account on Nuri and then have to confirm it again. After these steps have been completed, you will receive an automated email from Nuri to the email address you entered in advance. Once you’ve clicked the link in Nuri’s email, your account is confirmed. You can now log in and continue with the registration. To do this, press „Next“.

In the next fields you have to indicate whether you are male or female, your birthday, where you were born (country and city) and what nationality you have.


Bitwala ProofThen you need to select your current employment status, add your phone number and address. Proof of address is required to verify your identity and to open the account. It is easiest if Germans register with their identity card, because in this case proof of address is usually not required, as this is noted on the identity card.

Otherwise, the document must contain your clearly recognizable first and last name and address, must not be older than 3 months and be printed before the video call (for final verification).

After understanding the requirements, click on „Looks Good!“. In the next step you can select a document of your choice and confirm with „Next“. Now you add the date of issue of the document and in the next window you can check all entered information again for correctness and then confirm.

Add tax information on Nuri

Bitwala tax informationNow that we have entered the most important information, we are heading towards the home straight. In the next step you will be asked if you want to add your tax details directly or if you want to do it later.

You can skip the step at this point, but we recommend that you complete this step directly in order to deal with more beautiful things on Nuri. In addition, the tax-relevant information must be entered within 90 days.

Video call to complete registration

For the tax details, you must first provide your primary tax Bitwala video callresidence. You can then add your tax number directly or, if not at hand, submit it later. In the next window you get general instructions on how to protect your identity. Read the items listed carefully and confirm that you have read the information. Then click on „Next“.

Now you’re almost there! Your personal data has been entered and your (not yet) verified account has been created. Now you can go straight to the verification of your account via a video call. Have your identification document and your printed proof of address (or ID with address) ready. In addition, you should make sure that your internet connection is stable and sufficient. Then click on „Start video call“.

At this point we can congratulate you. You have successfully registered with Nuri and your personal bank account has been created!

Create a Bitcoin Wallet on Nuri

Bitwala Bitcoin WalletThe next section is about creating your personal Bitcoin wallet. To do this, you have to log in again first, if you haven’t already. A pop-up window will appear in which you can enter whether you want to receive a push notification about financial movements in your account. You can change this setting at any time in the settings.

After you have made your decision, you have to swipe one window further and you should see the button „Create Wallet“ and click on it. Now you can create your Bitcoin wallet in just a few steps. Your personal dog assistant „Lola“ will support you with this. For the following steps you will need your smartphone, pen and paper and ideally a quiet environment.

Create a backup copy of the Bitcoin Wallet and save it

Bitwala backup copyAt this point it is important to understand that Nuri will never have access to your Bitcoin. Although this is a great advantage, it also demands a higher level of responsibility from you. The Bitcoin are 100% under your control. Therefore, Nuri again draws your attention to the fact that if you lose your backup copy, your Bitcoin will also be lost. Accept the information and then click on „Yes, I understand“.

In the following, you will create a backup to secure access to your wallet and thus the bitcoins. The security key consists of the master key and the backup key.

You start with the master key. Here 12 words are generated in a row, which you have to write down and then re-enter in the next field. This ensures that you wrote down your passkey in the correct words and in the correct order.

Security copy of the Bitwala passwordThe next step is to use the backup key. Here the procedure is identical to the creation of the master key. Also note the generated backup key here and check yourself by entering it again in the next field.

Last but not least, you need to create a Bitcoin Wallet password that will be used to verify outgoing transactions. The best thing to do is to write down the password somewhere. If you should lose that, you only have the option to access your Bitcoin wallet via your backup copy.

Now enter your wallet password and confirm with the button „Go on“. You will then be informed again that the loss of the backup copy and the wallet password will lead to the loss of your Bitcoin. Confirm that you have taken note of this and click on „Yes, I understand“.

Buy, sell and transfer Bitcoin securely with Nuri

Congratulations, you have now not just created a traditional bank account, but a Bitcoin cold wallet that is integrated into your bank account. Now you can buy your first or further Bitcoin at the market prices on the also integrated exchange or receive BTC directly on your Bitcoin wallet or send it from there.

You can now test the all-in-one solution from Nuri extensively and even prepare your crypto tax return directly from 2020. In addition, there is also a Mastercard debit card with which you can pay and withdraw money worldwide free of charge. Enjoy Nuri’s crypto-friendly bank account, which offers you a secure on- and off-ramp at all times. Try Nuri’s revolutionary crypto banking today. Try it out and get your free account !

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